Kyle was sitting on his horse at the gate. My mom, dad and sisters were on the porch watching. All of a sudden Squaw stiffened and pitched one time, snorted and stood still. She thought she would catch me by surprise, but I was ready. I just smiled and started talking to her and rubbing her on the back of her mane. I felt good.

Description of the country

Kyle and I had already been doing a lot of riding together over the previous year. He on his horse and me on either Peela or Pierre. We would race each other weekly. I had set up 3 barrels in the pasture to practice barrel racing. One of our dreams was to ride in the parade for the opening of the State Livestock Exposition and Rodeo in October.

But most of the time we would just head out on the horses riding on a route about 8 miles long in the area where we lived. That is what we did today.

Squaw seemed to be calm at the moment and we took off down the driveway to the road. I use the word road instead of the word Highway because we were on a paved county road. We headed east. On the left side was a ditch about 20 feet wide between our fence and the road. It was grassy and we kept it disked when the fire hazard was high. On the right side was another ditch.

Seems like it was about 1 1/2 miles to the end of the road and a crossroads. By the mid 60s there were several more houses built set back from the road. So I had the chance to show off my new ride to the young ladies that lived down the road.

Our home 50 years later

Faulkner Lake Road looking east

Down the road

As I previously mentioned at the end of the road was a crossroads or a T. Faulkner Lake Road ended into Walker’s Corner Rd. On the east side was a couple of cotton fields and a soybean field. And a dirt road between them. About 1/4 mile from the highway daddy had bought an additional 80 acres in 1963. We had fenced it and built a corral for cattle that we would separate from the main herd at home for various reasons. But we just continued to ride down the side of the fence line.

There were woods down the north fence line and the east fence line. And I would estimate in the 60s they probably covered 2000 acres. There was a bayou and its tributaries that ran through it. Flooded in the winter and made a great place for me to duck hunt. And squirrel hunt. We would do a lot of riding through these woods over the next few years. We were just both acting like we were Cowboys in the old west.

By this time we had been gone from the house about an hour. Nothing extra exciting was happening. We were just talking about things at school and having a good time. I went to a city school and Kyle still went to county school. So he had the joy of riding the bus.


Up until just recently I had been looking for pictures taken during the time that this story takes place. Unfortunately neither my sisters nor I have any. The 2 pictures above are taken 50 years after these stories take place. Even though the ranch was sold in 2008, all of it is basically as it was from 1960 to 2008. The

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