Instead of getting into my next horse today, I thought I would share a little about the things that were going on as my love for horses was growing


As I mentioned earlier, I began reading Western Horseman magazine. My mother brought a couple of books home one day from the Library with different breeds horses, I knew that there were brown ones and white ones and gray ones but I was not aware that those were not breeds.

I was familiar with the Lipizzaner horses thanks to the movie Miracle of the White Stallions. But alas my white horses were not Lipizzaner. I was beginning to become familiar with Quarter Horses, which at that time is what we owned. I knew what a Tennessee Walking horse was. There are many breeds of horses but some of the most popular are the Arabian, Quarter Horse, Thoroughbred, Tennessee Walker, Morgan, Paint, Appaloosa, Miniature Horse, Andalusian.

This book was a great help to me. Not only did it teach me about horses but it taught me many things that I would find in the next few years very helpful. I was attracted to the Appaloosa’s and mainly because of an article that I saw in Western Horseman one day on the most famous Appoloosa Quarter horse alive. His name was Joker B. I would read every thing that I could about him, his training, his blood line,

These are the things that kept me busy during the time that I was 4 months on crutches, Plus I could hobble out on my crutches to the fence every day and let Peela and Pierre have sympathy on me.


My dad had met a young man at the sale barn one day that had a Bay Mare that he was talking about. I will just call him BJ. She was a beautiful horse and her blood line was over half Thoroughbred race horse. My dad was very impressed with her. Her disposition and her confirmation. BJ did not want to sell her but was willing to work out with Dad that we could have the second colt she raised. She was currently pregnant. And the Stud was the same Big Red that my other two horses were from.

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